Rebirth Designs Inc. was founded December 2000. Fabian Gonzalez saw a need in the market for a company that offered quality web and application development for the small to mid sized business. Rebirth Designs is dedicated to making your business succeed on the web!

Rebirth Designs a Houston based Internet Company, offers a complete range of Internet services tailored to meet your company's needs, Web site development and web services. From evaluating and assessing your existing infrastructure to providing turnkey installations, Rebirth Designs can deliver customized Internet solutions designed for your business with the scalability to grow as your company grows.

Rebirth Designs understands that most businesses like your own rely on the Internet as a way to communicate. We specialize in corporate business connectivity and are committed to helping you use the Internet to increase productivity, visibility and potentially maximize profits. Find out how Rebirth Designs can help your company's achieve it's best Internet potential.


Our goal is to always exceed our customers expectations.

  • Innovative Strategies

    We utilize the latest technologies to make the projects as responsive as possible.

  • High-End Services

    We offer various services to assist you with both print and web development.

  • Customer Support

    Support services are available after development of website or product design has been completed.


Talented Staff

Are here to guide you thru the full development process.

Project Integrity

We take the utmost pride in our designs and coding pratices.

Innovation Solutions

We always look for the best solutions for our clients.